Asbestos – How much do you know about this deadly substance?

There have been some worrying statistics released the Health and Safety Executive which highlight how little construction workers actually know about asbestos in buildings. It is a fact that tradespeople, including carpenters and painters could come into contact with the deadly substance 100 times a year, with few knowing that it can also be found in new buildings.

In light of the survey of over 500 tradespeople, the HSE have launched a new safety campaign. Health and Safety Minister, Mark Harper has said, β€œthe number dying each year from asbestos related diseases is unacceptably high. Despite being banned in the construction industry, asbestos exposure remains a very serious risk.”

For companies concerned about asbestos in the workplace they should seek out the help of industrial sector asbestos contractors. Lucion Environmental are specialists in asbestos management UK, who are able to identify asbestos fibres in the air through air monitoring and carry out an asbestos survey. One type of survey is the Management Survey which involves creating a register of all building materials and identifying any suspect asbestos products within the property which might be at danger of being disturbed.

Lucion are committed to the fight against the poisonous material and offer asbestos training UK wide, to both existing and new clients. With such strict regulation surrounding asbestos and its removal, in order to reduce risk to your employees, tenants or company, Lucion offer the right people with the right knowledge to help you minimise any risk.

For those living and working in Cambridgeshire, asbestos is now no longer a matter for the District Council to deal with and asbestos waste is no longer accepted at the Household Waste Recycling Sites at Milton or Thriplow. So, for advice on asbestos removal Cambridgeshire, contact Lucion to make sure you are protecting both your workers and the general public.

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