North East Stags Raising Money for Charity

When you think of the phrase ‘stag party,’ what comes to mind? Probably loud music, brash young men, packed night clubs and plenty of alcohol to fuel the fire. The stag tradition is a long one that has led to the creation of a particular narrative: the unwritten rule being it must be raucous. Of course, not everyone necessarily wants to be raucous, and everyone has different ideas of what constitutes a good time. These days, you don’t have to restrict yourself to what society expects you to do.

For instance, a recent news story described how five men from the North East would be celebrating their friend’s upcoming marriage with something of a twist; instead of the usual big blow-out, the boys will instead spend three days stone cold sober in order to drive a car 3000 miles through Europe, though they’ll be sure to really unwind once they get to Barcelona. It’s certainly not what you’d expect from a typical stag do Newcastle.

The North East lads, Graham Henderson, Scott Forsythe, Alan Scales, Alan Bell, Euan Cartney, decided that the best way to celebrate Graham’s impending nuptials was to embark on an adventure in the name of charity. This stag party will consist of an epic road trip in which the boys travel in an old car (the rules being that the vehicles cost under £400 and are decorated with a theme decided by the driver) from Laurencekirk to Calais to take part in the Barcelona Bangers Car Rally occurring on Friday May 22nd. The aim: to raise money in the aid of cancer research. Their goal is £3000, matching the miles that they will travel.

As stags go, it’s certainly unique. It’s a far cry from your typical stag party or Newcastle hen weekend. While such an event is typically seen as a celebration for a particular person, specifically to celebrate them getting married, this story shows us that the celebrations can go above and beyond. These men won’t just be having a great time on their road trip, but they are also helping to raise money for a well-respected and valuable charity.

The stag do doesn’t have to just be a big party, and this story proves it. Of course, if you want your stag do to be a bit more traditional or just want to use the time to have a bit of fun, then you absolutely should. You’re not obligated to spend your time with friends trying to help others, but this offers a heart-warming alternative that shatters the negative stereotypes surrounding the stag party. You can have a great time whilst doing your bit.

Whether you’re doing your bit for charity or indulging in an extreme quad biking weekend, what matters is that you get the stag party that you want. Your options are far and wide-reaching, with tons of creative and exciting things to do available at the click of a button. Region by region you can choose from a classic like clay pigeon shooting to the adrenaline rush of go kart racing; the list of north east stag activities alone is enough for a truly memorable stag weekend.

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